Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Change of View

The view outside my window is very different from the one I had this morning. The sky is a clear blue and the clouds fluffy and dispersed (my favorite kind). What a contrast to the cold, dreary, and dark picture I woke up to not so long ago. What a difference a few hours (and a cup of coffee) make! Before, I was seriously considering quitting my wednesday morning job (again). Since getting up, though, I've managed to convince myself to keep it, and just go to sleep earlier tuesday night. Yeah, right.

It's always amazed me how little things like the weather or a simple comment from another person (or a cup of coffee) can alter my mood to such a degree.


Ezzie said...

Amen. It's often the little things that change our day... the big things, we simply handle.

halfshared said...

It is so true. My mood on a clear sunny day can really contrast when it is cloudy and rainy.