Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Waiting to be Inspired

Here I sit waiting for inspiration to come...I'm still waiting.

I have decided to pull an all-nighter. One would think that with a twenty page paper due via e-mail by tomorrow night, I would perhaps be working on it rather than, oh say, blogging for example. One obviously doesn't know me very well. What I don't know very well is Freud. After reading "The Uncanny" I still don't know him very well which is something of a problem since my paper is kinda based around his psychoanalytic theories. Hmm. Bad planning? I should say so. The question is, how does one construct a Freudian reading? And by one, I of course mean me, myself, and I. I've already torn out my hair so that's not an option. I've also let the blood rush to my head in the hopes that some smarts would flow along with it.

They didn't. Having exhausted my other options, the only thing left to do, as I'm sure you will agree, is to pretend I don't have a twenty page paper due tomorrow. The best way to do this is to distract myself. I know this because I have had way too much experience pretending papers aren't due when they are, in fact, due. The best way to distract myself is to write. The only outlet I have for writing, save a diary(ugh) is blogging. So here we are. You are still here, right? I hope I haven't chased you away with my rambling. It would be too sad if I was whining into thin air. It wouldn't be quite as satisfying without a severely annoyed audience. So here I am. Waiting to be inspired. I hope it doesn't take too long.


Erachet said...

Not only am I still here, but I am ALSO severely annoyed!

...Just kidding. :)

Here's to hoping you get inspired soon! Especially because I think your paper is due really soon!

pobody's nerfect. said...

welcome back! i like the graphics :)

Scraps said...

I hope the inspiration clicked in and you managed to get your paper written.

I read to the end, and I'm not annoyed at all. Welcome back! :)

corner point said...

I also tend to leave papers for the last minute--I find I do my best under pressure...

...but TWENTY pages?!

Sorry gal, but you're *nuts*.


G'luck, my friend!

Ezzie said...


Love it!

Madd Hatter said...

lol. Thanks guys. It's great to be writing again:)