Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Working Hard or Hardly Working?


Seriously, I have spent these last few weeks engaged in the most complex and advanced methods of procrastination, and I'm completely exhausted. Avoiding work can be way more tiring than actually doing it. It's certainly more of a challenge:)

Aargh. I can't wait till finals are over!

I'll be back next week-If I survive the stress that comes along with having absolutely no work ethic to speak of:)


Scraps said...

Hehe...that's what my AIM away message used to say! ;-)

Hatzlacha rabba getting through the week! I hope you can get all your papers and finals done and come out with your sanity intact.

halfshared said...

Good luck in everything. Keep cool..keep calm

Ezzie said...

See, you need to be efficient in your procrastination! ;)

Good luck! Hopefully we'll see you soon having survived and succeeded. :)

the apple said...

efficient in your procrastination!

What does that even MEAN?

badforshidduchim said...

It means you have to do it in a way that doesn't drain you.

I used to have a good work ethic, but since this college thing started, I got so I cant concentrate on anything that doesn't have an impending deadline. Thus, periods of procrastination followed by working frenzies.

AJ said...

Good luck!
Just think of all the free time you'll have when it's all over instead..of..the..free..time..you can..enjoy now by procrastinating.
Hmmm. That didn't work right.

corner point said...

Hang in there, you!

We be waiting for you...

...while severely procrastinating about our own lives

The Dreamer said...

Procastinators Anonymous, anyone?

I'm ready to start a chapter.

Scraps said...

I'll join 'Crasters Anonymous...tomorrow, maybe. :-P

Madd Hatter said...

Scraps- kindred spirits! and thanks:)

halfshared- thanks. it appears i've survived:)

ezzie- excuse me, i think i'm insulted!

apple- see comment by B4S

B4S- i don't think i ever had one:(

AJ- lol. still, the freedom without those assignments looming over my head is so much better than the one gained by procrastinating:)still, i like to eat my cake and have it too(i'm convinced that's the correct way to say it) so i procrastinated and now i'm enjoying my freedom post finals:)

CP-thank you:)

dreamer and scraps- you'll have to see SJ about it but i think there's already a waiting list;)