Wednesday, December 12, 2007



I really hate it when I can't fall asleep.


the apple said...

Next time go on gchat. I think I was still awake this morning at 2:44.

Scraps said...

Yeah, so was I! It's a party at that hour, don'cha know. :-P

halfshared said...

What you guys doing up so late? Don't you need sleep to function? I'll embarrass myself and tell you what helps me fall asleep when I have a hard time doing that..I take a melatonin. It's a vitamin you can buy 5 dollars a bottle and it really helps. It's not addictive and natural. Maybe get a bottle if you have a hard time falling asleep often. Good luck.

Ezzie said...

Um, I was about to say. WE weren't the ones who signed off... :P

corner point said...

Oh my...I should have called you!

Why is it always that the morning after you lie in bed awake all night you find out that there were others who were lying in bed awake all night who could have used and been some company?!

Madd Hatter said...

apple- will do:)

scraps- well, then someone should have invited me:)

halfshared-ahhhh. you're my lifesaver(if it actually works). in case yall missed the end of the post, I don't enjoy staying up late, but i'm occasionally visited by incredibly painful and annoying bouts of insomnia

Ezzie-see above comments:)

CP-yes, you should have. what kind of a friend are you?;)

Ezzie said...

Note: I sometimes have trouble falling asleep.

Solution: Umm, still working on that.