Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Meme All About Me:)

When I first saw a post containing the word meme, I was reminded of Monty Python's knights of Nee (say that last word short and fast and through your nose to get it right). My mind works in strange ways. Then of course, being me, I wanted to know what the word meant, and when no one seemed to know, I turned to the dictionary to see what it had to say. It was uncharacteristically silent, and so I turned to Google. There were many definitions that popped up, but the one that made the most sense within the context of my own particular situation was the following, courtesy of this site:

"Meme: an idea, project, statement or even a question that is posted by one blog and responded to by other blogs. Although the term encompasses much of the natural flow of communication in the Blogosphere, there are active bloggers and blog sites that are dedicated to the creation of memes on a regular basis"

I didn't really find it very enlightening, or nearly as interesting as I had hoped it would be, but you may judge for yourselves:)

Anyhoo...I was tagged by Corner Point on the following meme, and so here it is:

1. Link to your tagger and post the rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself; some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names and link to them.
4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blog.

Here are my seven facts, as they pop into my head, in no particular order. I apologize in advance if they are not random or weird enough, but there is only so much time I'm willing to spend on this. If you really want weird, you have to take the time to get to know me:)

1)I don't like to eat hot or spicy food. I like my food warm or room temperature.

2)I'm a little bit talented at everything without being exceptional at anything. I can paint a little, dance a little, sing a little, cook and bake a little, etc.

3)I love raw salmon. Not just sushi, but big pieces of raw salmon on their own. I think it's called sashimi. It actually makes sense as the "what animal would you be" test results say I'm an otter. Go figure.

4)If I could marry pasta, and form a lasting attachment with it, I would.

5)I hate rain, but I love snow. Plus, my mood is closely linked with the weather. Sunny and clear=happy and positive, Grey and rainy=moody and negative.

6)I pretend to love candy, but sugar actually gives me a headache. I'm much more into cheese and ice-cream-not necessarily together (I never claimed to be normal).

7)Pictures of baby Looney Tunes make me melt and very often elicit a squeal of joy (don't try it, you'll just be disappointed).

I just realized that most of my facts are about food. While this is slightly disturbing, it is not at all surprising:)

I tag Ezzie, Moshe, Chana, and Fudge. Feel free to completely ignore the tag if you like, or if you've just done like twenty-four of these, but if you haven't done one in a while, it's kinda fun. Plus, there's way more than seven weird and random facts about everybody.


Ezzie said...

Oddly, I doubt any of mine would be about food... that's probably because I just eat it. However it is. :D

2) Jack of all trades! I think that's generally better in life. :)
4) That's disturbing.
5) SNOW!! :D :D :D :D

pobody's nerfect. said...

so ezzie, should we bring a block of cheese for the shabbaton?

the apple said...

LOL Pobody! Are you coming in the end?

Plus, my mood is closely linked with the weather. Sunny and clear=happy and positive, Grey and rainy=moody and negative.
Not unusual. I remember my high school principal telling me that one day, 4 out of her 5 married daughters called her crying - and the weather had been dreary and dismal for days leading up to that one. Which is why I think all schools should sponsor trips to warm and sunny places during the winter! :D

corner point said...

1) not cold?

4) My middle name is Pasta. Corner Pasta Point.

5) It's funny. While sunny days make me feel sunny and grey days usually make me feel grey, the rain (especailly in the winter for some really odd reason) makes me feel really good. I like the smell of the air, the feel of the rain, the wet me crazy :-P

6) Cheese is always yum, but I only like to eat ice cream if there are pieces in it. I don't really like the smooth texture of ice me crazy again :-P

7) Looney Toons make me feel weird. Like nauseous. Especially Tweety and Taz... Bad childhood memories...?

Bring the industrial sized american cheese blocks!!!

I also remember her saying that her daughters happily trekked off to school on days when there were 6 inches of snow on the ground and our darling school refused to grant us a snow day...remember that?!

Ezzie said...

Pobody - Yum. While a block would be great, I just bought one. Now, if someone could find some yummy squares of different kinds of cheese like they often have at a fancy bris...!! :D Actually, I wouldn't mind a little bit of this.

And are you coming!?!? Woo!

Ezzie said...

Oh, and who gets a snow day for just 6 inches!? Are you kidding? We needed at least 2 feet, right Pobody?

the apple said...

Corner - OMG yes! Do you know in four years of high school we had ONE snow day - the day after the President's Day blizzard in tenth grade.

And you midwestern people with lake effect snow all year long don't count in this conversation. Not enough true appreciation of the wonder that is the fluffy white stuff.

Ezzie said...

Um, of course we do! It's that thing that piles up outside and makes the outdoors look like the North Pole, but not as cold! It's gorgeous.

Alternatively, in NYC, it's that stuff that just one hours' worth of shuts down the so-called "greatest city on earth", then turns to nasty brown slush after a day.

But those first few hours are really nice and peaceful...! :)

Scraps said...

1) Hey, it's your food...

2) That could be very good, very frustrating, or both.

3) Ich. Sah. Raw fish and I are not friends.

4) Strange child.

5) I hate rain AND hate snow. But my moods are about the same.

6) You like ice cream? We're already friends!

7) Oh darn, and here I was going to bring a picture to the shabbaton just to try it out...

G said...

"If I could marry pasta, and form a lasting attachment with it, I would."

Is that a fact. Well(!), have I got a guy for you

Madd Hatter said...

g- set me up. He looks cute:) Interesting kippa though:P

And, I've decided to tag you retroactively, g(in case it wasnt' absolutely clear). You can post it on Ezzie's. I'm sure he won't mind:)

Ezzie- whoa there! don't make me the bad guy. I reiterate people:
after all, i'm sure you'll agree, ppl. are so much more interesting when they're drunk. barring that, a sugar high is almost as good:)

pobody-Why are you asking him? of course you should! and ice-cream. and pasta:)

apple- i've heard that. the rules never said i had to be original;)

CP- you're crazy. You're crazy:P

Scraps- I prefer individualistic, or "marches to her own beat" or "absolutely bonkers". "Strange" just seems to be lacking something:P

Ezzie said...

Hey, we have plenty of alcohol...

Erachet said...

Monty Python's knights of Nee Yay! Another Monty Python fan!

If I could marry pasta, and form a lasting attachment with it, I would.

Ooh, me too! I love pasta!

The Dreamer said...

i love these strange and interesting facts about you...

and i think you're my opposite in about half the things you listed...

Madd Hatter said...

Ezzie- Hmm...let me think about it. I don't personally drink, but far be it from me to stand in the way of anyone else who wants to make a fool of themselves:)

Erachet- Firstly, nice pic:) secondly it's always nice to meet a fellow pasta lover, and thirdly, you're the first girl i've met who likes monty python-I'm so excited! we are so friends now:)

dreamer-well, thank you.

Madd Hatter said...

dreamer- i checked your blog, but i couldn't find a 7 or 8 or any number meme, and so i'm tagging you as well. I'd love to see in which areas exactly we differ:)

Ezzie said...

MH - Clearly, you haven't talked to Fudge enough. :P

halfshared said...
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halfshared said...

I can so identify with 2,4,5 and 7!

Moshe said...

ok, i finally did it!

pobody's nerfect. said...

Come back, ya coward, or I'll bite your knees off!

I hate hate hate rain. Cuz then the worms come out onto the sidewalk. YICHS! But back in old lake effect Cleveland, I would walk home with my friend sans coat during blizzards. It was so much fun.