Tuesday, December 11, 2007

An Understanding of Sorts

My mother does not understand. She really doesn't. She cannot understand why I do not hesitate to eat crumbly food over a recently vacuumed floor.

I do not understand my mother. I really don't. I cannot understand why the sight of crumbs on a recently vacuumed floor tortures her as it does.

And so, over time, we've come to a sort of understanding that we will never understand each other:)


the apple said...

It's almost like sushi and when it explodes in your room.

corner point said...

Madd....I can hear you speaking much louder than the lighthearted way you wrote this...


Madd Hatter said...

apple-um...is there a story you were supposed to tell me first?

CP-Thanks, you're the best:) I actually feel more resigned at this point than anything else. it's rarely ever any more than annoying:)and i think a lot of mom/daughter relationships are similar in that they're very diff. ppl. trying to get along.