Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Buttercup in the Sky

Yellow traffic lights drive me crazy(pun fully intended). As soon as I see that yellow circle light up in front of me, I know that a crucial decision must now be made. Do I slow down, and risk a mild concussion due to my slightly above average driving speeds or do I speed up, risking a red light run-through resulting in a ticket for at least 50 bucks? Very often, due to my notorious inability to make choices I end up vacillating between the two. This generally results in both a bang on the head and a ticket in the mail:/ This is why yellow traffic lights and I don't get along.

The other day, however, a thought popped into my head while driving which somewhat redeemed the little butterscotch circle. I realized that I could actually learn a lesson from the lights. Big surprise there;)The lesson to be learned? Well, I actually couldn't decide between two different ones so I'm going to lay them out before you and then ask you to vote on which you think is the more apt.

Lesson 1: Indecisiveness is not a healthy or attractive character trait. Despite what they say about the female gender, taking 20 minutes to decide on an ice-cream flavor is not okay (mental note to self: must stop doing that even if it means always having vanilla). Whether one is a stopper or a speeder-upper is not the issue. Deciding which one you are and sticking to it, is.

Lesson 2: Life is short, and hesitating is not an option. Careful consideration before action is definitely important, but once the action has been decided on, go for it:)

Perhaps you won't agree that either of the above is apropos to yellow traffic lights. I'd be happy to hear that too:)


halfshared said...

I think you are right. Indecisiveness really won't get you anywhere. Some situations call for snap decisions and the best way to start practicing is with the yellow light dilemma. I remember when I was young I used to worry how I would ever go shopping without my mother cuz she was always the one to make the final decision and I taught myself that if I'm old enough to drive then I am old enough to decide whether to buy that sweater or not (there is always the option to return, right?). Good for you that you realize it and good luck working on it. Hey, you may just marry a guy that will be a reliable decision maker and then your problem will be solved.

Madd Hatter said...

Halfshared- Yes, but unless he's a mindreader how will he know which flavor I actually want?:)

pobody's nerfect. said...

you reminded me of that awful watermelon flavored ice cream in boro park story.

corner point said...

I like both your answers.
I'm notorious to some of my friends for my indecisiveness, so I totally hear. I'm learning to make decisions, and then say, "Okay, vaiter! Whatever I chose is good and let's go on!!!" (Sometimes it takes a few rounds of that...but it works eventually :P)

And...he'll know ;-)

the apple said...

I think you're mostly correct on your two answers. I would also add that once a decision is made and followed through, there's no point in regretting it, because you can't change it anymore (somewhat tangential but still related I think) (note use of word tangential :D ).

Pobody - watermelon flavored ice cream? Eek.

Erachet said...

Apple - nice use of the word 'tangential!' (hee!)

Madd hatter - I hate yellow lights, too! I'm very bad at making decisions, but since I'm such a beginner driver and since I don't drive very often, I usually am very conscious of lights which might turn yellow. I give myself landmarks, "if I'm past that house, I'm going to speed up if the light turns yellow. If I'm before it, I'll slow down."

Now, practically speaking, this is very impractical because no one really thinks that way while driving (well, except for me because I'm weird like that). I'm sure even I'll grow out of it once I start driving more often.

The point of this is...I'm not quite sure. But anyway, yes, I agree, yellow lights are IMMENSELY annoying. Yet another reason why I don't like the color yellow...

(The primary reason being it reminds me of banana laffy taffy which is just NAUSEATING)

Ezzie said...

Hehe. So much to say! (Tangential, woo!)

I like both, and don't see why you can't do either. I also like all the comments, particularly Apple's, which sounds *awfully* familiar. (cough)

I do something slightly different but similar to Erachet - I will have in my head while the light is still green and I think it might be changing how far I need to be to continue if the light *does* hit yellow. Otherwise, I'll slow down. Of course, just to make it harder, it usually hits yellow right as I hit that point.

Anyway, I really like both lessons, particularly #2: Careful consideration before action is definitely important, but once the action has been decided on, go for it:)

Also, once you've done that, don't regret it if it turns out not to have been the greatest one. Just learn the lesson and move on.

Ezzie said...

Wait, crap. I just repeated the Apple.

the apple said...

I also like all the comments, particularly Apple's, which sounds *awfully* familiar. (cough)

I knew you were going to say that.

Wait, crap. I just repeated the Apple.

Whoa. Okay. Oooooooookay. I think SOMEONE needs a good TALKING-TO about LANGUAGE and also that it's OKAY to LEARN from those who are YOUNGER THAN YOU. But also -


Ezzie said...

I knew you were going to say that.

Hehe :)


Hmm, memories, memories...

And :P

SJ said...

Both are good lessons that I can totally relate to...indecisiveness is practically a way of life for me, but I'm trying to get over it too. And deciding on a course of action and following through is also very important.

My personal yellow light policy is: stop. And then worry anxiously about having annoyed the drivers behind me. I am a bad driver.

Madd Hatter said...

Pobody- I would return the shudder, but mine was fine;)

CP- That would be nice, but I think the idea of working on it myself is even more important:)

Apple- use of word noted;) And you're absolutely right. of course, theory is always easier than practice:)

Erachet- actually, I think like that as well, just with a little variation. I estimate the distance along with the speed. I don't really pay attention to landmarks. And I also think yellow laffy taffy is gross. Sorry to have brought up the image:)

Ezzie- see my comments to Erachet and Apple:)

SJ- I used to care excessively about what the drivers behind me thought too, but I figured as long as I wasn't breaking any traffic laws, they would just have to wait. My life is slightly more important.

Oh, and I'm still waiting for a response to my application to COP:)